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Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories: impressive site acting as a gateway to multiple sites/references aiming at the actual truth regarding 9/11. not conspiranoid bull-shit.  The truth really is out there!
'Debunking the 9/11 Movement': important US anarchist critique of the 9/11 cultists
Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Already: by Matthew Rothschild 18/9/06.  Amusing and erudite general overview.  By a Rothschild too--so full security clearance from Lizard Central... 
Journal of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: important on-line publication doing precisely that.
Loose Change: the internet detective take: superb detailed deconstruction of the various versions of this widely-distributed 9/11 propaganda film.  Exemplary research, pity most 9/11 believers will never read it...
'The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts' by Alexander Cockburn 9/9/06: eloquent denunciation of how such people help the real live ruling-class off the hook by avoiding the important questions.
'9/11 and the New Pearl Harbour' by Bill Weinberg 1/9/06 World War 4 Report: excellent and wide-ranging critique of fruitloop theories, plus pointers to numerous other resources.
'9/11 : In Theory and in Fact' by Diana Johnstone 15/9/06.  Another excellent Counterpunch article (like Cockburn's), from a perspective very close to ours politically & methodologically, in that Johnstone does not deny that there are ever what we would call 'covert operations', or that questions need to be asked about 9/11.  A lot of calm common sense in this splendid piece.
'9/11Myths....Reading between the lies'--an essential and compendious resource devoted to using traditional research techniques to do exactly that, in great detail.
Perry Logan: a mind-expanding experience.  Perry uses humour, obscenity mind-numbing graphics and hard facts to debunk the 9/11 'denial' movement.  Especially spot on regarding Alex Jones.  Who says the 60's irreverent spirit is dead?  Not Perry.  One more thing--he seems to dislike (US) Republicans ever so slightly.
Popular Mechanics--9/11: Debunking the Myths: much-reviled science journal, that attempts to do just that, with some success
'Truth-ache' Schnews (Brighton) on the UK 9/11 Truth Movement 8/9/06--biting but relevant.  More please!!
Viewer Guide to Loose Change: another antidote to this prominent fantasy film.
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